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Equipping aspiring entrepreneurs of color to overcome imposter syndrome and procrastination in order to build their online Group Coaching Business- the Purpose Based Business of their dreams!





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How Is My Approach Unique?


We do things a little different around here! You won’t find empty affirmations or get-rich-quick schemes. You can ABSOLUTELY  live the life that you want. Let’s do this together!

Zone of Proximal Greatness

I provide actionable strategies and tools to help you achieve your purpose.


The Morning Promise

Keeping the promises that you make to yourself will be the motivating force that moves you toward your dreams.


Mindset Doesn't Matter

Empty affirmations will never move you toward this life you want.


Productive on Purpose

You can absolutely have everything you want in life at the same time!


Hello, beautiful people! My name is Dr. Kimmy. I am a wife, mom, pediatrician, avid reader, lover of podcasts, professor at a top US medical school, and…a huge imposter. 

That’s right: despite seemingly “having it all”, I walked through the world feeling like a fraud.

I was an anxiety-ridden, procrastinating, self-sabotaging MESS. Imagine waking up everyday without a plan, stumbling through the day, not getting anything done, putting out fires from prior episodes of procrastination, and coming home mentally-drained and exhausted from the anxiety and stress.


I spent a lot of time reading affirmations, watching youtube videos on productivity, and trying to change my mindset.

Why couldn’t I shake the stagnation and overwhelm?

I used to wake up in a funk. I thought it was because I just wasn’t a morning person. The strategy that Dr. Kimmy gave me allowed me to wake up before my alarms every day last week and felt rested. I even had energy on the days I didn’t get enough rest. The day I only got 6 hours of sleep, I still had energy at the end of the day. I feel so much better. I meant it when I said I never want to go back.


 Thank you for sharing your writing tips; it is one of the reasons why I was finally able to complete my book: Speak Mind: Heart is listening. As you know, writer’s block is real! During those moments, Dr. Kimmy was literally my saving grace. Her inspiration and actionable strategies gave me the tools I needed to get the work done. My book is now ready to be published and I am eternally grateful!


Latest Episode

Episode 037: Put Your Cavewoman On Trial: How to eliminate negative self-talk

Hey, Squad! In today’s episode, I will give you the real deal on how to finally banish negative self-talk.

You know…that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you’re a failure. Your Cavewoman.

There is a method to getting her to shut up once and for all. We are going to put her on trial!!!

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