I am a Pediatric Hospitalist. That means I treat sick kids who are hospitalized and take care of newborn babies when they are first born (yes…it’s as cute and cuddly as it sounds!)

I love this blog and the community that I m building, and believe that I am living out my purpose.

However, I also very much enjoy my clinical work. It is also a calling Nd a part of my purpose in life.

When I am doing both of these things, I feel fulfilled. I am walking in alignment.

What is alignment?

The actual definition of alignment is “a state of agreement or cooperation among persons, groups, nations, etc., with a common cause or viewpoint.” (source: dictionary.com)

I love this definition because it truly is a “state of agreement”.

I am in alignment when what I do matches what I am supposed to do.

I’m out of alignment when what I do does not match what I am supposed to do. 

What am I supposed to do? live out my purpose.

It’s just that simple. 

Being in alignment does not necessarily mean that you will always see the fruits of your labor right away.

In fact, you may NEVER see the fruit of your labor-that does not necessarily mean that you are out of alignment with your purpose.

Alignment is about the PROCESS of walking in your purpose, not necessarily the results.

Consider this example. As I mentioned, I I am a Hospitalist. I only see kids for a very short period of time when they’re sick and in the hospital. I also only take care of newborn babies for the first 2-3 days after they are born. 

When I am leaving the room of my kids who were sick and now improved, or I am leaving the room of a newborn baby and their parents, I often say to them “Bye! I never want to see you in this hospital again!” I say this because if I see them in the hospital again, it is likely because they are ill and require hospitalization. 

Rounds take hours. There is lots of mental work involved, including listening to parents and patients, doing physical examinations, teaching residents and medical students, counseling, coordination of care, helping moms breastfeed, etc. 

How absolutely CRAZY would it be if someone looked at the work I do in the hospital and said “There is no way that you are fulfilling your purpose. You don’t even see the results of the hard work you put in for those kids!”

Alignment is about the process.

I don’t see the immediate outcome of helping a mother to breastfeed. However, I know that this child is less likely to be obese, will have less respiratory diseases, is less likely to get cancer, etc. 

We live in an outcomes-driven culture. Outcomes do matter.

However, your purpose is in the process. 

When I post to instagram, I am usually posting a very transparent video or caption of a picture. I sometimes get 5 comments and a few likes. 

It would be easy to say-well, this CAN’T be purpose work. Five comments!!! How is it that I am baring my soul and only impacting 5 people, 3 of which are likely a family member or a friend? 

However, what about the folks that internalize my videos but don’t feel comfortable posting? Those people are still being impacted.

Also, if I go through this life helping 5 people walk fully in their purpose, who knows how many people they will impact? 

What if one of the 5 starts a nonprofit organization that touches the lives of thousands because they were inspired by my IG post”?  

If you are walking in your purpose, then you are in alignment, regardless of the short term outcomes you can or cannot see just yet. 

Your efforts can be multiplied without your knowledge, and you are likely impacting more people than you can quantify.

Just the process of walking in your purpose unapologetically can give someone else the courage to do the same-and who knows how many people you can impact through that person fulfilling their purpose work.

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Peace and Love,