This episode is incredibly special! In this episode I sit down with Dr. Michelle Golla of MomDocDiva.com.

Michelle is an amazing and beautiful human being who started her blog in 2017. Her goal was to highlight and celebrate all facets of motherhood, work-life balance and her unique sense of style, while showing other Black women the beauty and power in showing up for themselves.

Along the way, Michelle stopped being consistent with her blogs as she focused on the desire to make the posts and the site perfect.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The importance of leaning into those moments when you get the inkling to MOVE
  • Michelle’s journey to creating her amazing blog, Mom Doc Diva
  • The importance of owning both your story and the transformation your people need
  • When we focus on our PEOPLE it becomes less about perfection. 

This episode will be helpful for you if you have the desire to serve others and walk in your purpose, but you keep getting in your own way.

Maybe you started a blog, but you fell off.

Maybe you got super excited about the Youtube channel you started, but you aren’t consistently uploading.

Perhaps you started or want to start a podcast, but you keep procrastinating on taking the next step.

This episode will provide practical tools and strategies to move to the next level, step out of the cave, and begin to SERVE.

Want to push through Procrastination and start walking in your purpose?

  • Are you a high-achieving woman who struggles with procrastination and can’t seem to get out of your own way?
  • ​Do you find that you beat yourself up because you can’t seem to finish anything?
  • ​Do you dream of starting your own business where you get to serve others, but aren’t quite sure what your purpose is or how to get started?
  • ​Are you scared to start because you fear that this will be like every other time that you started something and never finished?

Well, sis, if that’s you, I have created the Procrastination to Purpose 5-Day Challenge just for YOU!

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