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This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Carla George of the Pushed into Purpose Podcast! Carla is a woman after my own heart-her goal is to help women walk in their purpose.


Bio: Carla George, your purpose pusher, is determined to push Women of Purpose beyond their challenges and into a life of purpose! A native of Bermuda, Carla is focused on encouraging women to pursue their purpose in your career, relationship and spiritual life. How? Well through her book, speaking engagements, being the curator of the Date Night! Series, her podcast Pushed Into Purpose Podcast and the launch 2020 Pushed Into Purpose Summit. Currently Carla is running her Pushed Into Purpose 7 Week Accelerator Course, a step by step guide to help you launch your ideas into your Purpose Platform.  Carla focuses on sharing not only her expertise and skill sets but those of her mentors and experts who have pushed her to live on purpose and be intentional about showing up as her best self everyday. She and her husband of four years, a gift from God, Marcus George  (DJ Chubb) reside in Bermuda with their boxer dog Café, but are citizens of the world with their love for travel and people!  

Episode takeaways

  • Your purpose is already in you
  • Your purpose is not what you do but it is who you are that enhances what you do
  • “We are humans doing a lot of things, but we never question who are the humans that we are being”
  • The Proverbs 31 woman was a BOSS over and above any titles she held

IG: @iamcarlageorge | @pushedintopurposepodcast

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