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Hey POP SQUAD!!!  We are going back to the basics.

In the next several weeks, I will be covering some foundational principles that will help you become Productive on Purpose.

This week’s episode is all about the Zone of Proximal Greatness. You’ll learn how you can achieve BIG goals by focusing on what I call the Zone of Proximal Greatness. Rather than focusing on the end zone, this episode will teach you how to trick your Cavewoman by focusing on each first down…and next thing you know, you’ll have achieved that BIG GOAL.

I’d love to know what your Zone Goal is! Join us over on Facebook in the POP SQUAD Facebook group and let us know what your Zone Goal is: how will you be your next best self today.I’d love to hear from you.

Mentioned in this episode:
Episode 023: Manufactured Confusion

Atomic Habits by James Clear (this is an affiliate link)

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