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Today’s episode is a good one, but I want to apologize in advance. There were several technical glitches during my recording with Dr. Charmaine, but the info is so good that I wanted to get it out to you all!

Dr. Charmaine Gregory has served countless patients, taught resident doctors and medical
students for 14 years as Clinical Faculty at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor in Michigan, following Emergency Medicine Residency training at Duke University Medical Center. She has been honored as a nominee for the Golden Apple teaching award by the resident doctors she teaches several years in a row. She serves as a Peer Coach providing feedback on communication techniques for Emergency providers and facilitates talks with healthcare providers about burnout, wellness, and work-life balance/integration. Dr. Gregory has had the honor of being a contributing author of the books, The Chronicles of Women in White Coats and Thinking About Quitting Medicine Volume 2 and Doctoring Better. Dr. Gregory faces her fear of public speaking by speaking publicly on topics of burnout, wellness, fitness, work life integration, and night shift life.

Outside of medicine, her passion to pursue wellness and work-life balance led to the establishment of the virtual greatness and wellness coaching company Fervently Fit with Charmaine, LLC. Wellness coaching and health content sharing serve as an extension of clinical service by focusing on preventative methods for health and wellness maintenance. She is also a trained Physician Coach, helping colleagues find meaning and direction when most needed. She is the host of Fearless Freedom with Dr. G podcasts and has a penchant for podcasting and teaching others about it. Most recently, she launched a facilitated podcasting creation course, podcasting masterclasses and done- for-you podcasting service through The Podcast In A Box. In addition, she is certified to teach live group fitness classes in an MMA Mixed Martial Arts) and offers group fitness instruction to colleagues at national meetings.

We discussed:
Burnout is like a clandestine thief in the night. It is insidious and sneaks up on you without you realizing it.

Burnout looks different for everyone.

How Dr. Charmaine was able to develop fearless freedom by doing the exact thing that scared her the most.

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