Squad…today’s episode is a good one!!!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing Brieanna Lightfoot Smith, the Founder of the Black Girls with Purpose Movement.


  • Do not despise small beginnings
  • Always put purpose over profit…but it is ok to profit!
  • Your purpose starts with what is in your hand

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith is the author of The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose and Founder of the Black Girls with Purpose movement. She has encouraged over 1000 women and teens over the course of her career and used her experience in the New Orleans education system to design a workshop style curriculum that covers topics such
as identity, healthy self-esteem, time management, and goal-setting. In the summer of 2018 Brie partnered with the Essence Fest Day of Service to present a Boss Up! workshop on entrepreneurship.
In the fall of 2018 Brie launched the Black Girls with Purpose podcast which airs weekly and has over 25,000 streams. Her audience spans across the United States and internationally. After battling against suicidal thoughts as a teenager, Brie emerged as a twenty-something with a story to tell. She has now dedicated her life to helping women connect to Christ, calling and community. When she’s not writing or listening to music you can find Brie spending time with her family or working on programming for her nonprofit Unity Queens.

Website: blackgirlswithpurpose.org
Instagram: @blackgirlswithpurpose
Black Girls with Purpose Podcast
Purpose Over Profit Tee

Books mentioned in this episode:
Living with Passion and Purpose by Elizabeth George
The Power of a Praying Wife

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