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Hello Pop Squad!
I know I say this every week… I don’t even know what I did to deserve this. But I’m so excited about today’s episode! I feel like your entire life is about to change. It is not often that I say this.

Our guest today is Dr. Yemi MPA, MD, is CEO and founder of The Soul RevivalTM whose mission is to empower women to have the courage to say YES to themselves so they can pursue their full passion-driven purpose.
Known as “The Soul Revitalizer” Dr. Yemi has leveraged her life experiences and detours to help successful women transform after trauma®, heal their hearts, and shift from playing small to living in the totality of their greatness.

Through integrative mindset mastery coaching, Dr. Yemi leads women through deep self excavation to uncover powerful truths while providing them with
the tools needed to rebuild their lives, pursue their highest selves and fulfill their dreams.

In addition to the Soul Revival PodcastTM, Dr. Yemi leads women in The Soul Revival CircleTM, an online community for women to find daily inspiration to be their best selves.

Dr. Yemi is a board-certified cardiovascular anesthesiologist, clinical professor, speaker, and author. By profession and by purpose, her mission is to heal hearts one beat at a time, both inside and outside of the operating room. She is mom to three wonderful children, Dara (15), Yoyin (13), and Damilare (9).

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • The journey of purpose. Did she know what her purpose was going to be from the beginning or did Dr. Yemi find it? 
  • Trauma and isolation. Do you look inside and talk yourself back into greatness or do you retrogress and die?
  • How do you thrive after being in a broken place?

And because we are all about ACTIONABLE steps in the Pop Squad, Dr. Yemi gave such a simple but amazing first messy step: It starts with the belief in yourself!

I told y’all! You’ll have to listen to this over and over again.
There are so many elements that go into Reviving Your Soul and creating a healthy mental state for you to be able to walk in your purpose.

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