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What up, Squad!

This week’s episode is FIRE! We are counting the cost, y’all!

It hit me hard this week as I was preparing for this episode when I thought, ‘What would have happened if I hadn’t made that choice to walk in my purpose and taken those messy first steps after my Mom passed on?’

The cost of procrastination is higher than the cost of transformation.  (Read that again) Why do I say this? Most people I meet or coach have the mindset (like I did), that as long as something is done, even if it’s last minute, that’s that! We don’t stop and take stock of the full impact of procrastination.

Before I mastered my Cavewoman I would wake up everyday and think to myself, ‘Okay… I wonder what fire I’m putting out today?’ It was truly, truly a day to day struggle, every single day.

The biggest thing that procrastination cost me was my peace. And you might be feeling, ‘Well… peace is not that important to me.’

Sis! Take it from me. If you are not peaceful, you cannot walk in your purpose. You will be a toxic person to be around. It will cost you key relationships like family and friends. It will cost you opportunities; because no one wants to be around negative energy.

You will get into time debt!!! What is that? Listen to the episode!!!!

My take-outs from this episode (and they are many):

  • You have to get out of the cycle of self-punishment and overcompensation. 
  • It is important to eliminate negative self-talk. The things that you tell yourself are as powerful – and I dare say – more powerful than the things other people say to you.
  • Who I’m I denying an opportunity to walk in their purpose because I stopped walking in mine? How many lives are not changed because I didn’t meet their need with the gifts and knowledge that I have been blessed with?

My challenge to you this week is to take stock. It will renew your determination and motivation to keep pushing through procrastination.

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