What up, SQUAD!!!

I had no intention of recording a bonus episode, but I got an epiphany and I just had to!

I just got my Peloton bike and I was doing Tunde Oyeneyin Beginner’s ride. She started sharing how Beyonce’s ‘I Was Here’ healed her after her father passed away. She realized that her father lived his life in such a way that he touched so many people. This song allowed her to know that he was here and that she can carry on his legacy through what she does.

And I got really emotional…

Many of you guys know that everything I do on my podcast and in my business is as a result of my mother and the incredible life that she lived. But also the dreams that she deferred… And I find myself getting emotional again.

I made a decision at that moment that I was going to walk in my purpose despite lots of false starts. It still took another year to get out of my own way and stop self-sabotaging and finally develop the system that I teach you guys together with my students in my programs.

I’ve been thinking about, this notion of legacy… And I have been going back to Beyonce’s Homecoming. The only difference between her and 99.9% of the world is that she is allowing herself to be great because she wants to leave a mark on this world. She does not want this world to pass her by knowing that she could have showed-up!

It is a scary thing to think that you will be required to give an account of the gifts (talents) that God gave you. What will you have to say for yourself if you did not work the gift that you were blessed with?

Beyond that, how many people will you have denied walking in their purpose because you didn’t do your part?

And because I understand the struggle of being a procrastinator and getting out of your own way, and because I was you, I want to help you. I am called to serve you.

The first step is, go to pushthroughprocrastination.com and sign up for the Push Through Procrastination™ 5- Day Challenge for FREE for a chance to TRANSFORM your Life!

Why is it not free like the other challenges? Because when you pay, you pay attention and there’s no transformation without transaction. I have to have you guys put on just a little bit of skin in the game.

I am excited that we have a chance to make a decision and DO THIS! I used to say that I will get all the work I need to in January because something magical will happen and I will get all the motivation I need. It didn’t work!

So, my fellow procrastinators and recovering procrastinators, sign up NOW!

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