What up Squad!

I am going to be productive and launch into my purpose next year… Is this what you are currently telling yourself Sis? Have you delegated your life to some future time? This was me!

Y’all know here at the Pop Podcast, we are real and tell it as it is. Do you guys know that I used to repeat these affirmations that we are told to – I will stop procrastinating! I will be a better wife and mother this year! I will start showing up for myself and serve!

I can go on and on…

But the sad thing is, I didn’t even believe the things I was saying. Why? Because I had no evidence of actually having been successful at doing these things. I had no CONFIDENCE that I could get any of these affirmations and plans done because I had been living as a procrastinator for essentially my whole life!

Research shows that if your unconscious mind knows that what you’re reciting is not the truth, you’re actually doing more harm than good to yourself. Wow!

I’ll share with you an extract of the testimonial I got from the last challenge I ran in October:
Before I participated in the Pop Squad 5-Day Challenge, I knew I was a procrastinator. I was the rush-at-the-deadline woman. Having my type of procrastination identified (Who knew there was a type?) was all I needed to counter its effect. Simply realizing I was avoiding tasks and why was enough to turn me around? I haven’t been this productive without a deadline looming, ever. – Catherine

My programs work. So, if you are listening to this TODAY, I want you to do yourself a favor. If you haven’t joined the FREE  Push Through Procrastination™ 5-Day Challenge, sign up HERE. I want you in there because it is time!

It is past time for us to get out of our own way and start walking in our purpose. So you’ve only missed one night. It will be very easy for you to catch up and join us tonight at 8:30 PM.

This is one of the first small steps to change the narrative in your unconscious mind and start keeping your promises to yourself every single day.

My take-outs from this episode:

  • Develop a system to help you start keeping your promises.
  • Start building some accountability in your life.

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