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On today’s podcast, I had the privilege of catching up with Dr. Lisa Davis, M.D. who was a participant in Cycle 3 of my program, Procrastination to Purpose™, and I thought it would be great to share her story with you all in the podcast land!

Dr. Lisa Davis, M.D., is a family medicine physician and she has been doing clinical and academic medicine for 20 years. She is now transitioning into an entrepreneur. Her business will help people move from fear and avoidance to love and intention in the area of fitness and nutrition.

She did my Push Through Procrastination™ 5-Day Challenge and joined my Procrastination to Purpose™ Program because she felt she need to manage her transition from her full-time job into retirement and keep her progress flowing as fast.

I knew that I needed more. The 5-Day Challenge – outstanding!  But I, knowing myself, wanted to build on that momentum. I wanted to get more. I just was wanting more information about how to keep this Cavewoman from defeating me. And I knew that the value of what you had to offer just from the 5-Day course. I knew you were about the business. That it was going to be worth my time and my money. And it was going to be effective. So, yeah, I signed up right away. No hesitation. And you gave us a discount. But I would have paid whatever it was.
~ Dr. Lisa Davis

I am incredibly humbled that the program I created has such an impact on the people that take it. To add to the business and personal goals that most women come to the program with, the principles that I teach spill over to other areas of their lives.

I was so happy when Dr. Lisa said that she used the Push Through Principle™ that I teach to finally set up a meeting with her financial advisor and get to look at her money.

You can change your life, get productive, and start your own business even if you struggle with procrastination. Sign up for Procrastination to Purpose™ The doors close on Wed, December 23rd.

Our kickoff call will be on Mon, December 28th and we start the program on Wed, January 6th.

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