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Let’s get into it…

Recap: In the 1st episode I defined the Upper Limit Problem and we talked about all the ways it manifests in our lives in the 2nd episode. So things like worry, not accepting compliments, etc.

Today, I want to share with you how you can Push Through your Upper Limit.

However, I will say that you will always have an Upper Limit Problem. Meaning, your unconscious mind will always try to limit you from opening yourself up completely to joy success, and happiness.

It’s a constant thing you’re going to have to consistently work on.

You can push past that Upper Limit. It does not have to define you. It does not have to be there forever. You can overcome this!

In this episode, I discuss the 6 ways to consistently push through the Upper Limit by:

  • Becoming aware without judgment
  • Increasing your capacity for joy
  • Accepting compliments with a single Thank You
  • Keeping the promises you make to yourself
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Having accountability in your life

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