What up, Squad!

Welcome to a BONUS episode of the podcast!

On Monday, I realized that I needed to explain what’s been going on.

So you guys might have noticed that over the past few weeks, I have been putting out a different type of episode.

The live videos that I’m doing in my brand new Facebook group, The Black Girl Coach Collective, have been focused on coaching specifically.

I was going to hold off on recording an episode like this until my Quarter 1 Review, but I felt like it was important to do that now because there have been so many changes, so you guys aren’t completely like,  “What in the world?! What’s happening?”

So, I realized that I had two branches of my community, all from the same tree of wanting to be productive on purpose.

Based on my survey and talking to you guys in my community, a vast majority of you want to start a business.

A big part of my community – the first branch – are my women who don’t feel that they are able to do that because of procrastination, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome.

The second branch, a smaller but significant part of my community, are my women who have started the steps to walking in their purpose and are a little further along in their journey and are already serving.

They already have a way that they are showing up, either through a YouTube Channel, a Podcast, or a Blog.  However, they have the same feelings of overwhelm and imposter syndrome.

They want to build their coaching business using biblical principles and need additional support to package and position their knowledge and expertise using their unique story by leveraging on their unique story.

In this episode I discuss:

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