Dr. Kimmy

Your Purpose Coach

Empowering high-achieving women of color overcome imposter syndrome and fully walk in their purpose.

My Story

Hello, beautiful people! My name is Dr. Kimmy. I am a wife, mom, pediatrician, avid reader, lover of podcasts, professor at a top US medical school, and…a huge imposter. 

That’s right: despite seemingly “having it all”, I walked through the world feeling like a fraud.

I was an anxiety-ridden, procrastinating, self-sabotaging MESS. Imagine waking up everyday without a plan, stumbling through the day, not getting anything done, putting out fires from prior episodes of procrastination, and coming home mentally-drained and exhausted from the anxiety and stress. 

My Purpose Philosophy

Affirmations alone won’t cut it

It’s not that I don’t believe in affirmations…it’s that affirmations, in and of themselves will not move you toward your goals.

Mindset doesn’t matter

The traditional approach is to change your mindset in order to change your life. My approach is to change you life in order to change your mindset.

The Morning Promise

A simple shift in your morning can make dramatic changes in your entire mindset and life.

This was my day to day existence

I spent a lot of time reading affirmations, watching youtube videos on productivity, and trying to change my mindset. Why couldn’t I shake the stagnation and overwhelm?

I just couldn’t put one foot in front of the other in order to move forward. In fact, I couldn’t even figure out what moving forward meant.

Through consistent and often MESSY action, I was able to change my life and subsequently change my mindset.

Now I am here to help you achieve the transformation that you desire.
If you are sick and tired of going to bed each night vowing that tomorrow will be better only to wake up the next day to more of the same, you are in the right place.

Pssst…hey, fellow procrastinator.

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