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Hey, Fam! We hope that you are excited to plan the last month of the second quarter like a boss! That’s right, we are in the last month of the second quarter of 2019. CRAZY, ISN’T IT??? If you’ve been around these parts for a while, then you know that we live by the...

Episode 059: Live Coaching Call With Tasha White

LISTEN NOWWhat up, Squad! THE MEMBERSHIP DOORS TO A Tribe Called Purpose™ ARE OPEN! When I was beginning my Purpose Journey, I wish I had an accountability community around me to help me work through my procrastination. I would be further faster. I would love for...

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Episode 058: Time Vs Money

LISTEN NOWHey Squad, I am so excited about this episode because I am sharing with you some of my secrets to redeeming time. Before we get into it, as you've probably heard, I am building a Membership site for y'all - A Tribe Called Purpose™. I'm inviting y'all to sign...

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Episode 063: The Upper Limit Series (Part 3)

LISTEN NOWHey Squad, I am beyond excited y'all!!! We are having our Kick-off Party TODAY at 7pm EST as A Tribe Called Purpose™! Join by clicking here! (Prices go up after 7pm) Let's get into it... Recap: In the 1st episode I defined the Upper Limit Problem and we...

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Episode 055: Profiles in Purpose with Denise Young

LISTEN NOWHey Pop Squad, I'm so excited to share with you this new episode. I wrote so many notes y'all. You can hear me turning my notebook pages and my pencil scribbling like crazy in the background! A special note to you: Remember, you can change your life, get...

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Episode 052: What Does Confidence Have to Do with It?

LISTEN NOWWhat up Squad! I am going to be productive and launch into my purpose next year... Is this what you are currently telling yourself Sis? Have you delegated your life to some future time? This was me! Y'all know here at the Pop Podcast, we are real and tell it...

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Episode 049: BONUS EPISODE! I Am Here

LISTEN NOWWhat up, SQUAD!!! I had no intention of recording a bonus episode, but I got an epiphany and I just had to!I just got my Peloton bike and I was doing Tunde Oyeneyin Beginner's ride. She started sharing how Beyonce's 'I Was Here' healed her after her father...

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Episode 062: The Upper Limit Series (Part 2)

LISTEN NOWJoin A Tribe Called Purpose™ by clicking here!!! What up, Squad!Thank you so much for all of the love that I've received over the past week on the anniversary of the POP podcast, and also for reaching 10,000+ downloads. Thank you for each and every voice...

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Episode 060: The Upper Limit Series (Part 1)

LISTEN NOWJoin A Tribe Called Purpose™ by clicking here!!! Hey hey hey, Squad! We are celebrating the POP Podcast 1-Year Anniversary next week Monday and I couldn't have done it with you! We are at 10,000+ downloads y'all! (When I was recording the episode, we hadn't...

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