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Productive on Purpose

Featured: What is my purpose?!

Episode 12: How to get clarity on your purpose in order to take that messy first step

About POP Podcast

Many of us envision the life that we want to live→ the mansion, yacht, kids, cars, money, travel, financial freedom, new job, etc. However, since there is often no immediate way to obtain all of our wildest dreams (short of hitting the lottery), it feels completely unattainable.

It feels wonderful to daydream about our wildest dreams,  but when the dream is over and you wake up, look around, and take stock of your life, you quickly realize that you are in the exact same place. With no identifiable way to get from point A to point B, we simply relegate all of our hopes and dreams to our Future Self.

Latest Episode

POP-OFF Valve- how to build systems and processes to relieve pressure in your life.

As pressure builds in a system, it MUST be released. Machines and cars have pressure release valves, or POP-OFF valves. In today’s episode, I share the crazy night that led me to the conclusion that I needed to build pop-off valves in my life, and some things to consider as you build these systems into your everyday lives.

Episode 12   |    01:00:42

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Meet The Host

Dr. Kimberly Reynolds

Dr. Kimberly Reynolds

Hello, beautiful people! My name is Dr. Kimmy. I am a wife, mom, pediatrician, avid reader, lover of podcasts, professor at a top US medical school, and…a huge imposter. 

That’s right: despite seemingly “having it all”, I walked through the world feeling like a fraud.

I was an anxiety-ridden, procrastinating, self-sabotaging MESS. Imagine waking up everyday without a plan, stumbling through the day, not getting anything done, putting out fires from prior episodes of procrastination, and coming home mentally-drained and exhausted from the anxiety and stress. 

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Equipping High-achieving women of color to overcome imposter syndrome and fully walk in their purpose.