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You can overcome procrastination and self-sabotage.

Many of us envision the life that we want to live→ the mansion, yacht, kids, cars, money, travel, financial freedom, new job, etc. However, since there is often no immediate way to obtain all of our wildest dreams (short of hitting the lottery), it feels completely unattainable.

It feels wonderful to daydream about our wildest dreams,  but when the dream is over and you wake up, look around, and take stock of your life, you quickly realize that you are in the exact same place. With no identifiable way to get from point A to point B, we simply relegate all of our hopes and dreams to our Future Self.

Let’s talk about our Future Self. Future Dr. Kimmy is DOPE, y’all. 

She is a healthy, skinny, wealthy, well-put-together mom and 7-figure business owner who is CRUSHING life and exercises 4-5 days per week while doing intermittent fasting. She also actually opens and organizes her emails.

Every morning that I sleep in…every day that I skip an exercise…every day that I ignore my inbox, I simply assign that task to my Future Self.

Here’s the problem: My Tomorrow Self becomes my Today Self, and if I don’t actually do those things today, then I will never actually make progress on my goals. What if there was a way to move toward your goals? To ACTUALLY look back at your year and say “I did all of the things that I said I wanted to do and I have made so much progress!”

There is a way!

The Zone of Proximal Greatness

Here’s the key: Instead of focusing on becoming the ultimate person that we want to become (hear me out, guys!), we simply focus on getting into our Zone of Proximal Greatness. If we focus only on getting into our Zone of Proximal Greatness, we will continue to move forward.

Picture a football player. They are absolutely trying to move into the endzone and score a touchdown. However, they do so ten yards at a time, trying to score a First Down. They focus on that small, measurable endpoint in front of them. Great players stay focused on the first down. If you score 10 first downs, well…there’s your touchdown!

(Y’all football fanatics don’t come for me if I’ve said something incorrectly! The analogy WORKS! LOL) This is the complete opposite of what we typically do. We typically start each year with big, huge, lofty goals. 

 Many of us even attach them to a vision board to stare at for the year. 

My 2019 goals are a perfect example of this.

Here’s a short list of my goals that I wrote down this past January.

• In 2019 I will increase my credit score to 720
• In 2019 I will be authentically ME
• In 2019 I will prioritize my home and family, as they are my first ministry
• In 2019 Adrian and I will purchase my first home
• In 2019 I will submit 4 manuscripts for my job
• In 2019 I will utilize the courses that I have purchased
• In 2019 I will open my mail weekly
• In 2019 I will go to my therapist twice per month
• In 2019 I will become physically active, physically the fittest I’ve ever been
• In 2019 I will grow www.husbandwifedoctorlife.com (my previous blog) to 5K IG followers
• In 2019 I will I will have HWDL brand partnerships
• In 2019 I will take all of my supplements and protein
• In 2019 I will lose 40 pounds

There are even more to that list, y’all.

What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?

Are you procrastinating right now?

Knowing your Procrastination Personality is crucial to understanding what’s been holding you back in achieving your life dreams and moving forward. 

Sooooo grateful.

I accomplished numbers 1-6.
These are huge strides and I am so incredibly grateful.
Sooooo grateful.

Numbers 7-13? Not so much. Why? There was no intentionality to the goals. They were just things that I wanted. I had desires, but had no real plan to get there. Also, numbers 1-6 didn’t even begin to come true until late in the summer of 2019. That’s when I began to move into my Zone of Proximal Greatness.

I want to reiterate…I didn’t start ANYTHING until, like, August.

From August to December, I achieved HUGE goals. Go back and read the list.

Imagine if I had started 2019 with actual intentionality and focus?! Where would I be or what would have I accomplished???