Episode 048 Your Inner Stories are Hindering You from Starting Your Business

Episode 048 Your Inner Stories are Hindering You from Starting Your Business


Hey Squad!!
We are about to do another Push Through Procrastination™ 5-Day Challenge starting Sunday, 6th December to Thursday, 10th December, by changing the stories that we tell ourselves and I am excited! 

Particularly because I am focusing on the Procrastipreneur™ who feels their procrastination is hindering them from starting and running a successful business.

As I reflect on my past and the journey to overcoming procrastination and starting my business, I recognize that there were so many stories I was telling myself.

Squad, these stories are so, so subtle. I didn’t even realize that I was having internal conversations with myself.

My therapist was the first person that talked to me and pointed out the fact that my internal dialogue and the stories that I was telling myself were negatively impacting my life. My husband had previously pointed some of these things out, but I got a little defensive… Y’all know how it’s like.

And so, when my therapist pointed it out, it was a HUGE, HUGE revelation to me.

When I was researching this, I discovered that our internal dialogue goes much faster than our verbal dialogue. Because of how fast these conversations are happening, you may not be stopping and picking the messages that your mind is processing.

I had told myself a story that I couldn’t start a business because the only people who leave medicine are the people who fail. Where did that come from?

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My take-outs from this episode:

  • Recognize the thought you’re having.
  • Search for the evidence and ask yourself, “Is this true?”
  • Re-write your internal narrative.

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