Episode 074: Faith and Entrepreneurship Part 1: Launch Out, Sis

Episode 074: Faith and Entrepreneurship Part 1: Launch Out, Sis


What up, Squad!!!

An experience this week made me really reflect on how to help you take those messy first steps specifically in your entrepreneurial journey.

First, you need to practice failing (pregnant pause). Stick with me y’all…

Second, FAITH. We need to have that small mustard seeds’ faith to take small mustard seed action to the next level.


Luke 5:1-4…

Simon Peter, James, and John had been fishing all night long but caught nothing.

After a failed launch, just when they were washing their nets so they can be ready for the next catch, Jesus saw them in a state of expectation, setting up for the next round!

He got into Simon’s boat and told him to thrust out a little from the land, launch out into the deep and let down his nets, and what a great catch that was!!

I always say “You can MIND anything you put your Do to™.” Just thrust out a little from the land and when you act on that, He shows up and perfects.

Failure is just data! Take that data and move on.

God sees your steps. He orders them and he blesses you.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Messy first steps as an entrepreneur
  • How to practice failure
  • Launching out into the deep


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Episode 029: WAIT on the Lord…

Episode 029: WAIT on the Lord…


Psalm 27: 14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

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This scripture does NOT mean what you think it means!!!

In today’s episode, I discuss the above scripture and how it does not mean that we should sit in inaction while we wait on God…in fact it means THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

I missed doing solo episodes for you all. I hope you enjoy it!

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