Episode 058: Time Vs Money

Episode 058: Time Vs Money


Hey Squad,

I am so excited about this episode because I am sharing with you some of my secrets to redeeming time.

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Today’s episode is short, but it is a foundational principle on how you can take small steps to start walking in your purpose.

So, a lot of times, we say that we don’t have time. And it’s true. However, how is it that other people seem to do more with their time than we do?

Y’all know my story. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media to numb my anxiety. And it felt like I didn’t have time. I was always rushing, always behind until I got a handle on my habits. I started pouring into myself every morning and teaching my Cavewoman that I can do hard things!

Now, it feels like I have so much more time than I used to. And I don’t. It’s the same 24 hours!

By investing in myself, I have found ways to spend money in order to gain time for things that are important to me. Now, this may be a hard time for you and you may not have the money you wish to have. So this is not to make you feel guilty about that. But if you are able, what are ways that you can invest in yourself so that you have more time for your purpose?

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Time as a finite resource vs money as an infinite resource.
  • Recognizing the things that are taking my time away from my purpose work and what is important.
  • Taking back my time by investing in services that help me delegate tasks. 



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