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Episode 024: *Profiles in Purpose* Your Purpose is Rooted in your Transformation with Dr. Lola Day

Episode 024: *Profiles in Purpose* Your Purpose is Rooted in your Transformation with Dr. Lola Day


SQUAD!! This is a BIG episode…I am featuring my very FIRST guest!

It is my pleasure to bring you my very first Profiles in Purpose episode, featuring my Business Bestie, Dr. Lola Day! This episode is jam-packed with gems and nuggets. It is exactly what you need to give you a little bit of extra motivation this Monday!

In this episode, Dr. Lola and I discuss:

The seeds that our parents plant in us never go away: plant wisely!
The importance of taking the Messy First Step
The Burnout to Balance formula: the way you serve others is rooted in your transformation
You can be paid for your purpose!!!
Affirmations should lead to ACTION
Putting yourself first is selfless NOT selfish!!! PERIOD
When you come from the standpoint of ABUNDANCE, there is no need to compete. There is space and room for all of us. PERIODTTT

Bio: Dr. Lola Day is first and foremost a child of God, wife, and mother to 3 amazing children. She is a double boarded physician, Doctorpreneur, Mompreneur, Idea Consultant, founder of AfroPolitan Health which disseminates health information relevant to the African Diaspora,, and the Host of the LollieTasking Podcast where she hosts high achieving women who discuss their path to their purpose and various topics; As if that was not enough, she is most known for her work in the work-life balance space and is the CEO and Founder of LollieTasking a work-life balance strategy company, where she coaches women on productivity and time management tips that can help them not only achieve their work goals, but also thrive in their family so they can not only be a BOSS LADY, but a balanced boss lady.


Website: www.lollietasking.com

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If you’re still not sure, you can set up a clarity call so we can discuss how she can help you: https://lollietasking.as.me/schedule.php
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