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Episode 060: The Upper Limit Series (Part 1)

Episode 060: The Upper Limit Series (Part 1)


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Hey hey hey, Squad!

We are celebrating the POP Podcast 1-Year Anniversary next week Monday and I couldn’t have done it with you! We are at 10,000+ downloads y’all! (When I was recording the episode, we hadn’t hit 10,000.)

God is so good and y’all are so dope! I would love to hear from you on:

  • How has the POP podcast changed your life?
  • What have you learned? 
  • What was your favorite episode? 
  • What have been your biggest takeaways? 
  • Who was your favorite guest? 

So please do me a favor; go ahead and record a voice note on your phone, make it 90 seconds or less and email that to contact@productivepurpose.com. I would love to share your voice and your story of how the podcast has impacted you in a future episode.

Let’s get into it…

So today’s episode – this is a heavy one and – I am actually going to have to break this up into several episodes because it’s a lot to digest.

These may be new concepts that you’ve never heard or considered before, but I want to submit to you that when I say them, you’re going to be familiar with them because this is what’s likely happening in your life. Not likely – this is what’s happening in your life.

And it’s just about putting a name to it.!

We are going to talk about your Upper Limit and how to break through it.

Because of a conversation I heard between my mom and dad when I was a little girl, I have a fundamental limiting belief that I’m flawed in some way.

Squad, I used to keep a list of all the things that were wrong with me and I would look in the mirror and recite them every day to myself.

When I think of that little girl, I feel this wave of sadness and I want to fight for her.

When you start to become aware of your limiting beliefs and not just your limiting beliefs, but your limiting habits that are sabotaging your true success in terms of walking in your purpose – when you fully get a grasp of that and start to understand how you can pull yourself out of it…

It’s going to change the game for you, period!

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The notion of an internal thermostat that sets the limit of your success, joy, happiness, peace etc.
  • Recognizing fundamental beliefs from your childhood that set your internal ceiling

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